In New Hampshire’s Special Election, Democrat Muriel Hall Surpassed Democrats’ 2020 Margin, Just as Congresswoman-Elect Melanie Stansbury Did in New Mexico
Last night, Democrats across the country showed that voters are ready to make new history when it comes to midterm races in 2021, 2022, and beyond. Proving that enthusiasm is higher than ever, Democrats in Virginia nearly matched historic 2017 turnout and gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe earned more votes last night than the 2017 Democratic nominee. Meanwhile, Democrat Muriel Hall won by 16 points in a competitive, high-turnout New Hampshire state house race, surpassing President Biden’s 2020 margin of victory in the district.

Last night’s results come after Congresswoman-elect Melanie Stansbury won New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District by nearly 25 points last week, a larger margin of victory than either President Biden or Deb Haaland in 2020.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement on Democrats’ strong showing:

“Democrats’ strong showing in Virginia, New Jersey, and New Hampshire prove what we already knew: Voters are rallying behind Democrats’ positive vision while the Republican Party tears itself apart. Voters are choosing bold leaders who are focused on delivering for working families by creating jobs, growing the economy from the bottom up and from the middle out, turning the corner on the pandemic, and reopening our schools and small businesses.

“The trend we’re seeing is clear: President Biden’s agenda is incredibly popular, and Republicans’ commitment to blocking help for Americans and fealty to a disastrous ex-president is a political loser for them.”


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