Disastrous former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos just reinforced her commitment to ending public education as we know it in Michigan, which she is counting on Tudor Dixon to implement. After the entire DeVos family has already put over $1 million towards the effort to drag her campaign through the general election, they expect Dixon to enact a dangerous plan that would divert hundreds of millions of dollars away from public education.

Writing for the Washington Examiner, DeVos rattles off the states in which she has successfully advocated for diverting taxpayer dollars to private institutions at the expense of students and cites Michigan as her next target. As DeVos – who said abolishing the Department of Education should be a pillar of the GOP platform – notes, Tudor Dixon has already demonstrated that she is more than happy to carry out the family agenda.

Dixon backed a plan to cut public education funding by up to $500 million annually and sell public schools for parts, while diverting resources into private schools-turned corporate tax havens

The DeVos sellout also wants to kneecap public education by rewriting our state’s constitution to allow public funding to be siphoned to private schools. These unsustainable cuts come on top of the $3.5 billion Dixon has vowed to indiscriminately slash from the School Aid Fund and is in line with her desire to eliminate the federal Department of Education.

In addition to the DeVoses, Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda has captured the attention of several special interest groups and political insiders which the gubernatorial candidate has gone out of her way to thank.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Fueled by their millions, Tudor Dixon is eager to carry the DeVos torch by forcing a disastrous, unconstitutional agenda to upend our public schools and make it harder for Michigan to adequately prepare future generations of our workforce. Our students, parents, and educators deserve real leadership, not an extremist that will pawn off their hard-earned tax dollars to the highest unaccountable bidder.”

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