After Donald Trump spent four years making a laughing stock of the United States abroad and undermining NATO, President Biden is in Europe uniting NATO and reasserting American leadership on the world stage. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the chaotic and dangerous foreign policy Republicans enabled from Trump.

He undermined our global standing…

Politico: “This Is What Happens When Trump Makes Foreign Policy by Tweet”

New York Daily News: “Donald Trump asked for Kid Rock’s advice on foreign policy, singer says”

New York Times’s Roger Cohen: “How Trump Lowered America’s Standing in the World”

…risked our nation’s safety…

USA Today: “Trump’s dangerous isolationism weakens USA and strengthens our adversaries: Retired generals”

TIME: “Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Will Leave America Behind”

…and undermined NATO.

Politico: “Trump blindsides allies at NATO”

USA Today: “Trump administration to reduce NATO aid days before European summit with allies”

NBC Think: “Trump left Biden a NATO mess. Now he wants to take credit for the alliance’s strength.”

But now, thanks to President Biden’s leadership, the United States is once again respected on the world stage.

Axios: “U.S. image soars across NATO countries”

Gallup: “Gallup surveys conducted before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 showed the image of U.S. leadership was stronger across much of NATO than it had been in years, after languishing at low levels during the Trump administration. Between 2020 and 2021, U.S. leadership saw double-digit gains in 20 of the 27 NATO members surveyed both years.”

Gallup: “Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, approval ratings of U.S. leadership around the world had largely rebounded from the record-low ratings observed during the Trump administration.”


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