LANSING — Wednesday marked the second straight day of what has been a disastrous campaign reboot tour for Republican gubernatorial candidate James Craig so far. 

However, after being part of this race for months, and now that even he considers himself an official candidate, the Detroit Dodger was far past due to answer questions during an event his campaign explicitly billed as a “press conference” yesterday in Traverse City. 

In reality, Craig spoke for roughly 20 minutes and apparently didn’t take any questions, once again leaving Michiganders in the dark on where he stands on issues of importance to them. According to his public campaign schedule, he has another opportunity to come clean this afternoon at another “announcement press conference” in Marquette.

A candidate serious about leading from the front would have already answered the following questions:

  • Do you support the bipartisan infrastructure plan that would result in billions of dollars brought to and thousands of jobs created in Michigan if passed?
  • When can Michiganders expect you to not only have campaign priorities but actual plans to address them as governor?
  • Do you think the 2020 general election was stolen and is our electoral process legitimate?
  • What incited the deadly and violent insurrection that took place on January 6th?
  • Do you support repealing Michigan’s 1931 law that criminalizes abortion?

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