After inheriting an economy that was failing working families, President Biden has spent his first 99 days in office delivering much-needed economic relief to get America back on track. With money in the pockets of 85% of American households, and more jobs created in the first 100 days than any prior administration, President Biden’s leadership is building our economy back better than ever, no thanks to a single Republican. 

Thanks to President Biden:

  • The Biden administration has delivered more than 160 million relief checks of up to $1400/person, with 85% of American households receiving one.
  • The American Rescue Plan extends enhanced unemployment insurance for around 11 million Americans who would otherwise have lost them – and protects them from surprise tax bills.
  • The American Rescue Plan lifts millions of people out of poverty and is expected to cut child poverty in half, including through a historic expansion of the child tax credit that will benefit 66 million kids across our country.

Here’s a look at what voters across the country were reading — and seeing — yesterday:

In Maine: 


In Michigan: 


In Minnesota:

Minnesota DFL Party: Joe Biden Delivers Financial Relief to the American People

In New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Democratic Party: As 100th Day Approaches, President Biden Has Succeeded in Providing Stimulus Payments to 82% of NH adults and 74% NH Children

In Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania Capital Star: People ‘feel like life is worth living again’: Pa. biz owners look to promises, challenges post-pandemic

In Virginia:

In Wisconsin:



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