LANSING — In an hour, all-time most disastrous former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will be delivering a keynote address at the MIGOP’s convention currently taking place on Mackinac island.

Despite passing on a run for governor herself earlier this year, DeVos clearly retains a considerable level of influence within the Republican party in Michigan and has spent millions to maintain it. Most recently, she and several members of her family formed a special interest super PAC to bankroll over $7 million for John James’ losing 2020 campaign and even planted her niece on staff.

For this cycle, she’s already committed to “helping ensure we don’t see [a second Whitmer term] happen” — a huge signal that she’s in the market for a new candidate to serve as a vessel for her right-wing, anti-public education agenda. In July, she penned an op-ed advocating for a voucher program that would’ve siphoned money from local school districts — once again putting her at odds with public school teachers in Michigan.

James Craig is hoping to be the benefactor of DeVos’ ongoing public education decimation crusade. Yesterday, he made his 37th appearance on Fox networks since May to discuss his “absolute” support for school vouchers — a topic he hasn’t discussed previously. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“You’d be hard pressed to find something more politically brazen than James Craig hopping on national cable to suddenly wax poetic about school vouchers the day before the former Secretary of Education that actively worked to undercut her own department makes her appearance on Mackinac Island. Betsy DeVos remains a scourge to Michigan’s public education system — a point that shouldn’t be blunted just because she’s passed on a run herself. Michiganders should expect her agenda and millions to loom large over this cycle, especially with Republican gubernatorial candidates like Craig already sending in their audition tapes.”

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