Yesterday, House Democrats rolled out key provisions of the American Rescue Plan that deliver on President Biden’s promises to quickly provide relief to the American people. 

Democrats rolled out a key plank of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan by proposing $1,400 direct payments to the American people.

New York Times: “House Democrats on Monday rolled out a key plank of President Biden’s stimulus plan, proposing legislation to send direct payments of $1,400 to Americans earning up to $75,000 and households with incomes up to $150,000.”

The American Rescue Plan would make good on President Biden’s promise to increase the value of the child tax credit to help more families.

New York Times: “The early weeks of the Biden administration have brought a surge of support, in the White House and across party lines in Congress, for what could be the most ambitious effort in a generation to reduce child poverty… One such plan is a cornerstone of the legislative text that House Democrats introduced on Monday as part of what will become a sweeping bill to implement President Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion economic aid package. That text included a monthly benefit of $300 per child for those age 5 and younger — and $250 per child ages 6 to 17 — as a means of making good on Mr. Biden’s pledge to increase the value of the so-called child tax credit and help more families, even those with little or no income, reap its benefits.”

The American Rescue Plan would boost ACA subsidies to provide greater help for Americans to afford their premiums. 

The Hill: “House Democrats’ coronavirus relief legislation released Monday would increase the Affordable Care Act’s financial assistance for two years, providing greater help for enrollees’ to afford their premiums. The measure, one provision in a sweeping COVID-19 relief package, would increase ObamaCare subsidies so that enrollees would have to pay no more than 8.5 percent of their income in health insurance premiums, down from a maximum cap of about 10 percent of income currently.”

President Biden is also committed to continuing to speed up the vaccine rollout and address racial disparities in the coronavirus recovery.

Wall Street Journal: “Biden’s Covid-19 Vaccination Aims: Speeding the Rollout and Addressing Racial Disparities”

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