There’s no doubt about it: if Republicans gain power, they’ve promised to come for Americans’ Social Security and Medicare. You don’t have to take our word for it.

As part of his pitch for a top committee position, Buddy Carter is using a longtime Republican euphemism for cutting Social Security and Medicare.

Punchbowl News: “Carter said Congress must make Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ‘more sustainable.’ Republicans have long eyed reform to these hugely popular entitlement programs.”

Carter and other extreme Republicans make no attempt to hide their plans to attack these programs — they will not hesitate to jeopardize benefits for millions of Americans if given the chance. 

USA Today: “Many Republicans have backed raising the eligibility age for Medicare and the retirement age for Social Security…”

RealClearPolitics: “… Sen. Johnson stated in early August that Social Security should become a discretionary spending program, a move that would jeopardize and politicize earned and paid-for retirement benefits by subjecting them to yearly Congressional approval.”

NBC News: “In major Senate and House races across the country, GOP candidates have called for cutting long-term Social Security spending…”

But make no mistake: the American people are not on board with Republicans’ out-of-touch views on these critical benefits.

Politico: “[Social Security and Medicare] are hugely popular with voters, who plan their retirements around those benefits… Still, the idea hasn’t totally left the GOP ecosystem, despite the idea’s unpopularity.”

It’s crystal clear: while President Joe Biden and Democrats are fighting to keep costs down for working families, Republicans are busy fantasizing about leaving millions of Americans high and dry without the benefits they deserve.

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