One of the biggest examples of her ongoing commitment to work with anyone to deliver wins for working families and keep Michigan first, Governor Whitmer secured a bipartisan, balanced budget that among other major appropriations, is slated to include $19.6 billion to maintain and improve public education

Meanwhile, every Republican running for governor continues to push backwards proposals that would slash billions and impose damaging cuts with harmful impacts. Michiganders would see unsafe streets, severely underfunded school districts, and roads and bridges completely ill-equipped to support the robust economy Whitmer’s leadership has fostered.

Kevin Rinke, Tudor Dixon, and Garrett SOldano have all stated their commitment to impose $12 billion in annual cuts.These cuts drastically impact critical services like law enforcement, public education, and infrastructure and clearly communicates to working families. 

Rinke was noted as a candidate that hasn’t actually “weighed the potential damaging effects of such a plan if enacted.” Dixon has also gone all in on her plan to eliminate resources for public education, law enforcement, and infrastructure without a plan for how to replace them.

Similarly, Soldano, even after repeated questioning, pushed for what he described as “forensic auditing.”

This raises the following questions for Republican candidates to answer immediately:

  • How will they continue to fix the roads after pledging to cut $600 million in dollars for state and local infrastructure repair? 
    • Where will Tudor Dixon secure the revenue to fulfill her empty statement to “fund road repair… in the state budget”?
    • How will Kevin Rinke, who said infrastructure was a campaign priority, secure funding to build on Governor Whitmer’s progress fixing the roads? 
    • How will Garrett Soldano secure funding for the “complicated” problem of continuing to fix the roads?  
  • How will they fund their plans to “harden our schools,” hire armed veterans as hall monitors, and make every school have a single entrance, while simultaneously eliminating $3.5 billion from school aid funding? 
    • Tudor Dixon said she would to “harden our schools” in Michigan.
    • Kevin Rinke proposed a six-week training plan for armed hall monitors and a single-access point for every school 
    • Garrett Soldano endorsed “one point entry” for schools.
  • How will they fulfill their promises of funding law enforcement while siphoning $527 million from the state police budget?

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