This week, we reached another turning point in the fight against Covid-19 as the FDA authorized the emergency use of a safe, effective vaccine for kids ages 5-11. Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, parents across the country are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief now that their children can be vaccinated, and kids are excited to hug their friends, go back to school, and gather with family once again. 

Across the country, parents are celebrating the news that their kids can get the vaccine and keep themselves and their families safe. 

Jennifer Harrington, mother of a 9-year-old with a health condition: “It’s almost like it’s a first step to hopefully get living again.”

Brittany Sanders, mother of a middle schooler: “It’s helping us get back to some type of normalcy.”

Linda Jackson, grandparent: “If they get vaccinated I’ll be more secure with picking them up.”

Elizabeth A. Stuart, mother of two: “It will give our family a little bit of breathing room — and just reassurance.”

Jessica Palakshappa, mother of a 5-year-old: “It makes us feel a lot more comfortable in both gathering some of our older relatives that we really want to see but feel we’re not exposing them at the same risk and then of course knowing that she’s protected.”

Brian Jordan, father of a 7-year-old with an underlying health condition: “Now I can sleep not worrying about him going to school.”

And kids are feeling the excitement too, as getting the vaccine means a return to school, playdates with friends, and so much more. 

Ryan Steinberg, father of a 7-year-old: “‘She’s excited to go to the movies again, to go to the playground (and) run around’ without a mask and ‘just have a normal life again’”

Jen Marcus Fernandez, mother of a 9-year-old: “When my son Sam heard it on the news he got up and did a happy dance and then he teared up. […] He just wants to be a kid. He’s tired of the masks, it fogs up his glasses, and he just wants to be around people and stuff like that and feel safe.”

Cate Zeigler-Amon, 10: “Cate said she was looking forward to hugging her friends and celebrating her birthday indoors next month ‘instead of having a freezing cold outside birthday party.’”

Parson Harrington, 9: “I am looking forward to going back to school in person, because I miss my friends very, very much. […] And I want to see my (extended) family.”

10-year-old cancer survivor: “I want to get it so much so I can go to school and see my friends! […] I’ll be able to go to the park even if there are a lot of other people there. And I’ll be able to go to Disney World and Universal again.”


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