DNC War Room releases new TV ad in Reno market highlighting how Trump’s failed leadership has plunged Nevada into crisis

Today, ahead of Vice President Pence’s visit to Nevada, the Democratic National Committee unveiled a slate of three new billboards blanketing the Reno area near his event to highlight how Trump’s failed coronavirus response has hurt Nevada families — from leading to more than 1,700 lives lost statewide to putting hundreds of thousands of Nevadans out of work.

Located northbound on Interstate 580 in South Reno, westbound on Interstate 80, and just south of the McCarran Boulevard & Greg Street intersection, the billboards will reach voters traveling on both freeways near Reno-Tahoe International Airport, where Pence is set to hold his event.

The DNC War Room also released a new television ad in Nevada today, “Deserves,” that highlights who Trump really is: someone with a long record of lying, cheating, and stealing his way through life and whose failed leadership has plunged Nevada into crisis. The ad is airing this week in the Reno media market as part of a six-figure buy.

“Voters across Reno won’t miss this message: Trump and failed White House coronavirus task force leader Mike Pence have had eight months to control the COVID-19 crisis — but they’ve failed, and their incompetence has cost too many Nevadans their lives and livelihoods,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Even worse, Trump’s still trying to take away health coverage from Nevadans, even in the middle of a global pandemic. No matter what Pence says today, nothing can distract voters from Trump’s years of broken promises and the fact that he’s given up on containing the coronavirus — and Nevadans will hold Trump and Pence accountable by casting their ballots to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Earlier today, the Nevada State Democratic Party hosted a press event in Reno ahead of Pence’s rally with DNC Chair Tom Perez, Nevada State Democratic Party Native American Caucus Chair Brian Melendez, and Nevada Democratic National Committeeman Alex Goff to highlight how the Trump administration’s failed pandemic response has hurt communities of color in Washoe County and across Nevada.


See photos of the billboards below and an image of the ad running on the billboards here: 

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