As Vice President Harris continues her nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour today in Detroit while Donald Trump threatens to roll back the Biden-Harris administration’s economic progress in Michigan, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are building the economy from the bottom up and middle out, and have already helped deliver almost 400,000 jobs for Michiganders while making historic investments to lower health care costs, build infrastructure, and tackle the climate crisis. Donald Trump isn’t just threatening the progress the Biden-Harris administration has made to support new industries and grow Michigan’s economy — he actively rooted for the market to crash and is running to give handouts to ultra-wealthy folks like himself instead of supporting working families across Michigan. Michiganders remember how Trump’s trickle-down MAGAnomics failed them once before, and they’re ready to reelect the Biden-Harris ticket in November.”

The Biden-Harris administration has already made historic investments in Michigan to improve infrastructure, lower health care costs, deliver high-speed internet, and expand clean energy for thousands of households while protecting jobs.

CBS: “Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Detroit on Monday to announce $100 million for small and medium-sized auto manufacturers to upgrade their facilities to prepare for the production of electric vehicles, White House officials said.”

White House Fact Sheet: “To date, $5.1 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding has been announced and is headed to Michigan with over 191 specific projects identified for funding. Since the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed, Michigan will receive approximately $4.4 billion for transportation to invest in roads, bridges, public transit, ports and airports and roughly $213 million for clean water. And, as of today, more than 552,000 households across the state are receiving affordable high-speed internet due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

White House Fact Sheet: “As President Biden and Vice President Harris continue to invest in all of America, their agenda is lowering costs for Michigan families:

  • Saving 2.2 million Michigan Medicare beneficiaries money on prescription drugs, insulin, and vaccines.
  • Saving 418,000 Michiganders hundreds of dollars per year on health insurance.
  • Michigan families will get lower utility bills thanks to $211 million in home energy rebates and new tax credits for energy-efficient appliances.”

Trump failed Michiganders during his term in office, causing job losses while pushing for massive cuts to Great Lakes cleanup funding.

Detroit Free Press: “Even before a recession spurred by COVID-19 took hold this year, it was clear that earlier job and wage gains seen in Michigan were slowing, despite [Trump’s] continued claims that he had helped create ‘the best economy ever seen.’ Since then, it’s gotten far, far worse, with some 272,000 fewer people working in the state in September compared with a year ago and the unemployment rate 5.4 percentage points higher despite the recovery being well underway.”

Reuters: “Trump steel tariffs bring job losses to swing state Michigan”

“President Donald Trump promised a new dawn for the struggling U.S. steel industry in 2016, and the lure of new jobs in Midwestern states including Michigan helped him eke out a surprise election win.

“Four years later, Great Lakes Works – once among the state’s largest steel plants – has shut down steelmaking operations and put 1,250 workers out of a job. A year before the June layoffs, plant owner United States Steel Corp called off a plan to invest $600 million in upgrades amid deteriorating market conditions.”

Detroit News: “Trump budget again slashes aid to Great Lakes cleanup program”

“President Donald Trump’s latest budget proposes a 5 percent reduction in non-defense spending, including a 90 percent cut for a popular Great Lakes cleanup program that bipartisan Michigan lawmakers pledged to fight. 

“Funding for the $300 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative would be cut by $270 million to $30 million under the budget released Monday — the third year in a row the Trump budget team proposed cuts to the program.”

Detroit Free Press: “Tariff uncertainty could hurt auto industry more than plant closures in 2019”

“The Trump administration dealt automakers a wild card by reportedly deciding not to reveal the Commerce Department’s recommendations on whether to apply new tariffs on imported vehicles and components.

“Uncertainty is Kryptonite to the auto industry, which routinely invests tens of billions of dollars in projects that can take a decade or more to pay off.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump rooted for the U.S. economy to crash for his own political gain, saying he doesn’t “want to be Herbert Hoover…” 

Trump: “And when there’s a crash — I hope it’s going to be during this next 12 months because I don’t want to be Herbert Hoover. The one president I just don’t want to be, Herbert Hoover.”

Daily Beast: “Donald Trump admitted Monday that he wants a severe economic downturn to happen during the next year, because it will help his odds of winning the presidential election.”

… even though he already is. Trump’s disastrous MAGAnomics agenda left him with the worst jobs record since the Great Depression.

Fortune: “Trump to leave office with the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover”

Washington Post: “President Trump took office at the crest of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history. He leaves presiding over the worst labor market in modern U.S. history, as an already-sputtering economic recovery has turned negative.”

Forbes: “Trump Tax Cuts Helped Billionaires Pay Less Taxes Than The Working Class In 2018”

CBS News: “Two years after Trump tax cuts, middle-class Americans are falling behind”

The Guardian: “They were billed as a ‘middle-class miracle’ but according to a new book Donald Trump’s $1.5tn tax cuts have helped billionaires pay a lower rate than the working class for the first time in history.”

REMINDER: Trump has repeatedly wished for a market crash for his own benefit over the years. 

Trump in 2016: “I think I hear it’s the worst first week ever recorded, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, the bubble won’t be there … If the bubble is going to explode, I would rather have it explode before the next president rather than after the next president.”

CNN: “Two years before the housing market collapsed in 2008 and millions of Americans lost their homes, Donald Trump said he was hoping for a crash. ‘I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy,’‘If there is a bubble burst, as they call it, you know you can make a lot of money,’ Trump said in the 2006 audio book, ‘How to Build a Fortune.’ ‘If you’re in a good cash position — which I’m in a good cash position today — then people like me would go in and buy like crazy.’”

Trump also gave massive handouts to the ultra-wealthy at the expense of working families. Now, he’s running to make his tax scam permanent.  

Trump: “We will replace Biden’s tax hikes with the beautiful Trump tax cuts. You know, we have to extend the tax cuts.”

Washington Post: “The former president’s closest economic advisers are plotting an aggressive new set of tax cuts to push on the campaign trail and from the Oval Office if he wins a second term. Trump and his advisers have discussed deeper cuts to both individual and corporate tax rates that would build on his controversial 2017 tax law … Trump’s advisers, though, have discussed proposals to make deeper cuts to the overall corporate tax rate, potentially to as low as 15 percent, or to use the revenue from the proposed tariffs to pay a dividend to U.S. households. Further cutting corporate taxes … would primarily benefit large firms.”

Bloomberg: “[Trump] intends to center his economic plans on extending and deepening the Republican tax cuts from 2017.”

CBS News: “Two years after Trump tax cuts, middle-class Americans are falling behind”

The Guardian: “They were billed as a ‘middle-class miracle’ but according to a new book Donald Trump’s $1.5tn tax cuts have helped billionaires pay a lower rate than the working class for the first time in history.”

Forbes: “Trump Tax Cuts Helped Billionaires Pay Less Taxes Than The Working Class In 2018”

Economic Policy Institute: “The TCJA overwhelmingly benefited the rich and corporations while overlooking working families”

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