While Governor Whitmer has delivered historic investments in Michigan’s public education system for four years in a row, Dixon has thrown her support behind a plan that would indiscriminately rip billions of dollars away from public schools and divert taxpayer money to private schools. 

Dixon “absolutely” supports slashing $3.5 billion from the School Aid Fund – the state’s main funding source for public schools. The fund also supports community colleges and public universities, further expanding Dixon’s list of targets when it comes to undermining education in Michigan. 

But ripping away $3.5 billion from Michigan’s teachers, parents, and students wouldn’t be enough for Dixon – she also backs a plan from the DeVos empire to cut public education funding by up to $500 million annually. The Dixon-DeVos voucher scheme would siphon tax dollars out of public schools, divert them into elite private schools, and create a tax loophole for billionaires and corporations

And don’t forget the most brazen of her commitments about hamstringing public education – to funnel hundreds of millions of tax dollars into private schools. Dixon wants to rewrite the state constitution and would take every step possible to implement her dangerous plans. 

Dixon would do everything she can to devastate Michigan’s public schools. These extreme, out-of-touch policies threaten and attack the opportunity for  Michigan students to learn in well-funded, public schools that are powered by well-trained educators and engaged parents.

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