Across Michigan, families are shopping for back to school supplies to get ready for the school year. While teachers, parents, and students are on the hunt for the materials they need to succeed, Tudor Dixon is looking for the tools to completely decimate public education in Michigan. 

In addition to supporting a plan that would eliminate $3.5 billion dollars from public education, Dixon has also championed a DeVos-backed school voucher program that would subvert Michigan’s constitution and divert up to $500 million in taxpayer money annually from public schools to private institutions. 

As Tudor Dixon continues to peddle her disastrous plan to attack and undermine Michigan’s teachers, parents, and students, her shopping list of most wanted items that she would need to implement this extreme plan engineered by the DeVos family is below. 



Tudor Dixon is going to need a massive pair of scissors to cut all the funding for public schools that she wants to eliminate. Dixon supports a dangerous plan that would eliminate  $3.5 billion dollars from the public education system in Michigan.


Dixon will likely be on the hunt for a strong loudspeaker she can use to continue spreading conservative ideology just like she did when she created Lumen Student News, a school news service focused on influencing students. She’ll use this loudspeaker to spread the same kind of values she pushed on Real America’s Voice, including calling Hijabs oppressive garments and excusing a comedian’s use of Black face.


Dixon will need these to hang on the front door of every school across the state once she achieves her goal of privatizing public education in Michigan. She has already championed the idea of privatizing education and is in line with Betsy DeVos, who is pushing to abolish the federal Department of Education


While Dixon should use a calculator to account for the $3.5 billion dollar loss in funding she would take away from public education, she will likely instead use it to figure out just how much she can take away from every Michigan student. Right now, if Dixon’s DeVos-engineered voucher program is implemented, calculations stand at diverting at least $500 million from public schools to private schools – but we’re sure Dixon would keep working equations to find more ways to ransack public education.

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