Better Future Michigan Fund, a shady super PAC funded by Betsy DeVos’ family, released a misleading attack ad with “smears” against U.S. Senator Gary Peters that have already been proven false by nonpartisan fact checkers. The misleading attack is another desperate attempt to deflect from failed politician and failed businessman John James’ record of enriching himself from his business ties to the Chinese Communist government.

James has followed Mitch McConnell’s marching orders of taking a “harsh-on-China tone” to deflect from Trump’s failed Coronavirus response, which James himself has praised. But James’ public posture is nothing more than hypocritical rhetoric, as an investigative report revealed James has “benefitted from a lucrative business relationship between one of its largest clients and a state-controlled Chinese automaker…run under the auspices of numerous top Communist Party officials.”

“False attacks from John James’ DeVos-funded allies are hypocrisy in its highest form. The fact is that James has enriched himself from doing business with China all while misleading the public by downplaying his dealings with China and trying to erase the evidence,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “James is Mitch McConnell, Betsy DeVos and special interests’ hand-picked candidate because they know he’ll always put them ahead of working families in Michigan.”

The misleading attack is just the latest blatantly false ad from Better Future Michigan Fund, which has already spent over $3 million to run misleading attacks propping up John James. The super PAC is part of a “shady, cozy” network of groups run by James’ former campaign manager and has been named in campaign finance violations for illegally coordinating with the James campaign. In return, James has praised Betsy DeVos saying she’s doing “very, very good” as Education secretary and supports her anti-public education agenda.


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