Biden, Obama Announce New Measures to Save Michiganders on Health Care While Republicans Push to Raise Costs

Today, the Michigan Democratic Party hosted a press call with the Michigan Postal Workers Union and rural advocates to celebrate President Biden signing the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 yesterday. Constituents of GOP Congressmen Bill Huizenga (MI-02) and John Moolenaar (MI04) also called out their representatives for voting against this bill, which will help improve and expand postal services in their rural communities.

Speaker highlighted how impactful the U.S. Postal Service is for them, and other seniors and Michiganders in rural areas, highlighting how this new law – championed by Michigan Senator Gary Peters – will mean prompt mail delivery and a dependable postal service after Trump-era efforts to cut services.


“This is the kind of meaningful legislation that should result from those we represent to elect us in Washington. Many voters in our County are dismayed that Rep. John Moolenaar and many of his Republican [colleagues] continue to vote against the interests of his rural constituents,” said John Helge, a resident of and a constituent of Rep. Moolenaar. “I believe that they will pay a price for their complacency in November.”

“It’s always mystified me why representatives from rural areas wouldn’t sign onto this legislation… [Meanwhile, Senator Peters] is one of the biggest supporters of the services we provide the American people. I’m incredibly grateful that this legislation has passed,” said Roscoe Woods, Legislative Director of the Michigan Postal Workers Union. “The USPS can continue doing what we’ve done in this country for centuries — and that’s provide service to every single address in this country, at one of the best prices in the world, for every single Michigander.”

“It became really apparent, especially during COVID when I began ordering things online more, how valuable USPS is to me,” said Elspeth Inglis, a resident in a rural area of Bill Huizenga’s district, who spoke about how this new legislation will improve services in her community. “We love our post office and we’re excited to see it thrive.”

Here’s just some of what this new law means for people in Michigan: 

  • Protecting reliable delivery of everything from medication for seniors to household items for Michigan families;
  • Continued mail delivery service six days a week;
  • New transparency standards to hold USPS accountable for delays;
  • Opportunities for local, state and Indigenous governments to offer certain non-mail services, like hunting and fishing licenses; and
  • Support for rural newspapers that may qualify for reduced mailing fees.

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