This afternoon, as the fifth day of a staged blockade of Ambassador Bridge continues to grind Michigan’s auto industry to a halt, rob auto workers of up to $51 million in lost wages, and block $356 million of goods that typically travel daily, James Craig became the latest gubernatorial candidate to throw his support behind this major economic chokehold on Michigan and encourage it to continue. 

In a statement released today, Craig encouraged prolonging the blockade that is damaging Michigan’s economy, saying that those executing the demonstration were being “demoniz[ed].”

He joins Kevin Rinke and Garrett Soldano, who both released videos applauding the blockade, and Tudor Dixon and Mike Brown who tweeted their support for the blockade forcing reduced or eliminated shifts for auto assembly plant workers.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“As we said, when it comes to the blockade at Ambassador Bridge, the choice is clear: you either side with Michigan’s economy and the auto industry, or you don’t. James Craig is putting Michigan workers and businesses last. Showing working Michiganders hit hard by this blockade that he’s joining the other Republican candidates in rooting for bringing the auto industry to its knees to justify their extreme ideological agenda while auto workers pay the price. Plain and simple.”

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