After already failing to convince the Michigan Court of Appeals that he deserves a place on the ballot despite getting caught submitting thousands of fraudulent signatures sourced through forgery and the exploitation of dead voters, today a federal judge denied sub-quality ‘guru’ Perry Johnson’s last-ditch scheme to get on the ballot with a reminder that “Johnson should have identified the fraud on his own initiative.” 

In response to Johnson’s failed, sub-quality campaign, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“Once again, the courts showed sub-quality Perry Johnson he can’t outrun or outspend personal responsibility for the mass fraud committed by his campaign. This is just the latest major blunder for the unstable and unsettled Republican gubernatorial field plagued by forgeries, chaos, criminal charges, and an FBI arrest – and that’s before voters even get the chance to dive into their wrong-for-Michigan agendas aiming to bankrupt local law enforcement and our schools, roads, and bridges. With 50 days left until the primary, there’s plenty of room for this to get even more messy.”

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