Just now, Politico reporter Tim Alberta broke the news that Jason Roe would be resigning from MIGOP after serving as executive director of the party for just five months. 

According to Alberta, Roe became the latest victim of Michigan Republicans’ crusade to cannibalize anyone who dares to speak the truth about Trump’s legitimate loss to Biden and had “been under constant assault from the grassroots” for saying so whenever he got the chance.

Back in November, Roe gave the following quote that began his cancelling and foreshadowed both his own demise and the levels of influence extremists would secure within the party as the bar to keep a Trump-loyal base satisfied grows exponentially higher:

“The unfortunate reality within the party today is that Trump retains a hold that is forcing party leaders to continue down the path of executing his fantasy of overturning the outcome—at their own expense.

 “Frankly, continuing to humor him merely excuses his role in this. The election wasn’t stolen, he blew it. Up until the final two weeks, he seemingly did everything possible to lose. Given how close it was, there is no one to blame but Trump.

“But if they want a future within the party, it is required of them to demonstrate continued fealty. Principled conservatives who respect the rule of law and speak out suddenly find themselves outcasts in a party that is no longer about conservativism but Trumpism.”

Roe isn’t the MIGOP’s first victim. Back in April, MIGOP’s 6th Congressional District’s executive committee’s 26 members voted unanimously to eject its treasurer Jason Watts. His crime? Speaking publicly about his bout with COVID-19 — believed to be contracted at a committee meeting — that landed him in the hospital as a cautionary tale to take the pandemic seriously. Additionally, he called out committee meetings for being maskless and over social distancing capacity. Watts aired his frustrations on the way out: “It used to be a party of ideas and coming together for limited government and lower taxes and a strong national defense. Now it’s how strongly did you support Trump.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“Here lies any grip on reality that the MIGOP might have still had. Those that have attempted to right the ship and focus on the facts — whether it be about 2020 or if COVID-19 is real — have met the same end as Jason Roe. Extremists are no longer on the fringes of the Republican party, they are its new foundation and are fully strapped into the driver’s seat. Look no further than MIGOP leadership that is now co-chaired by Ron Weiser, who quipped about the assassination of Reps. Meijer and Upton as fair retribution for their votes to impeach Trump, and Meshawn Maddock, who has called for Michigan to secede and organized buses of demonstrators to DC on January 6th. On top of that, the entire gubernatorial primary field is packed with extremists that have already made it clear that challenging the legitimacy of our elections should be a non-negotiable litmus test to earn the nomination. While the Michigan Republican Party is set on kicking out anyone who doesn’t pass every extreme litmus test, Democrats are focused on putting Michigan families first by getting them back to work and making key investments in healthcare and public education.”

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