Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Environmental Protection Agency has allocated $50 billion in funds to improve our nation’s drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. This is the single largest investment in water from the federal government… ever. Of the $50 billion, Michigan will receive over $213 million to guarantee clean water for households, schools, and small businesses and better protect the Great Lakes. 

Clean drinking water should be a right in Michigan homes and schools, but Michigan Republicans disagree — and they shamefully put partisanship over protecting public health. Thankfully, Governor Whitmer has made removing lead pipes and ensuring clean drinking water for all a priority since being elected and these federal dollars secured by President Biden and Democrats in Congress will help Michigan reach its goal.

In October, Governor Whitmer released the following statement: 

“We need to work together to replace 100% of lead service lines in every community. I am grateful to the Biden administration for making infrastructure, including lead service line replacement, a priority, and I look forward to using the federal funds we are expected to receive to repair our roads, fix crumbling bridges, expand broadband, and protect access to safe drinking water.”

Here’s how the $213 million granted by the Biden-Harris administration will help Michigan:

  • Remediate PFAS in drinking water and eliminate other emerging contaminants.
  • Replace lead service lines, prioritizing disadvantaged communities.
  • Upgrade critical wastewater and stormwater management systems that means more people will be able to swim, fish, and play in Michigan’s lakes, and create a cleaner, more vibrant environment.
  • Create thousands of jobs in plumbing, construction, engineering, management, and more as people begin laying the groundwork to upgrade clean water systems. 

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