Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, struggling state and local governments are about to see billions of dollars in aid to help pay their firefighters, teachers, police officers, bring back jobs, reopen small businesses, and fund critical projects. Just before Republicans start celebrating these wins, we wanted to remind you every single congressional Republican voted against the American Rescue Plan. 

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, $350 billion is on its way to states and cities across the country to help fund critical projects, cover pandemic-related costs, and close the gap from lost revenue due to the pandemic. 

CNBC: “States and local governments will have significant leeway in deciding how to spend the $350 billion in Covid-19 relief funds authorized by President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. The Treasury Department said Monday that governments will be compelled to spend the cash infusion ‘to meet pandemic response needs and rebuild a strong, more equitable economy.’”

Wall Street Journal: “The Biden administration will begin distributing $350 billion to state and local governments this month, giving them money to pay for pandemic-related costs, fill revenue shortfalls and pay for water, sewer and broadband projects—but not to cut state taxes. Money could start flowing to states, local and tribal governments within days, senior administration officials said Monday.”


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