He Is Once Again Playing Politics With Florida’s COVID Response

It’s no secret Ron DeSantis’s botched COVID response contributed to the high COVID case count and hospitalization numbers in Florida. So we’re not surprised to see the governor once again prioritizing politics over protecting the people of Florida and their children. 

Ron DeSantis is playing politics with people’s lives and this time, Florida children are paying the price: 

McClatchy: “Every state but Florida pre-ordered COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 5”

Politico: “Florida is the only state to skip pre-ordering Covid-19 vaccines for kids” 

The Hill: “Florida only state yet to pre-order COVID vaccines for kids under 5”

And let’s not forget, instead of focusing on saving lives and pushing treatments that we know work – like vaccines and boosters – Ron DeSantis spent the beginning of the pandemic lying and putting Floridians at risk so he can score political points.

Orlando Sentinel: “DeSantis blasts Biden for ending antibody treatments even as drugmakers say they don’t work”

Bloomberg: “DeSantis Touts Covid Treatments After FDA Says They Don’t Work”

As recently as December, DeSantis’s administration also carelessly let as many as one million COVID tests expire:

Florida Politics: “Ron DeSantis administration confirms up to 1 million COVID-19 rapid tests expired last month”

Daily Beast: “Ron DeSantis: I Let a Million Unused COVID Tests Expire in State Stockpile”

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