Detroit Dodger James Craig Keeps Blowing Chances to Plainly Answer Basic Questions, This Time on Abortion

LANSING — This month, Texas became the center of the anti-choice crusade after drastic legislation banning abortions of pregnancies past 6 weeks in all instances — including rape and incest — was allowed to go into effect. 

As the enactment of Texas’ law spurs state legislators across the country to ram similar bills through their chambers, naturally Michiganders’ eyes are pointing to the now 12 candidates competing in the Republican gubernatorial primary. 

James Craig, who has previously proclaimed that he was “pro-life” without any additional detail, was asked to add some meat to that stance as would be expected of a serious contender for any office. WLNS’ Tim Skubick posed the simple question: “What’s your position on the rape and incest exemption for abortion?”

From there, the Detroit Dodger did what he does best. Reminder: the next governor of Michigan will likely be the final line of defense for reproductive rights should Roe v. Wade be overturned in the near future.

In a series of back and forths with Skubick, Craig refused to come up with a clear answer, defaulting to the noncommittal phrases of a typical politician such as, “I don’t have a hard and fast line on it” and “I…want to give that other area some thought.”

After having months as a candidate to cultivate a response on a single key issue that sounds like it was thought through, Craig once again flubbed an opportunity to do so, ultimately refusing to rule out a complete ban on abortion in Michigan, including cases of rapes and incest.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“James Craig touts his leadership, but what kind of leader refuses to answer questions on the most pressing issues and then defaults to an extreme stance? Michigan women and families deserve to know exactly how or if those vying to lead the state will address the fact that Roe v. Wade is under attack, and a word salad ending in a refusal to rule out a complete ban is unacceptable. That’s not leadership, and it’s a far cry from leading from the front.”

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