Where is Tudor Dixon? That’s the question posed by Michiganders across the state as the special-interest backed candidate continues to bail on the campaign trail despite winning her party’s nomination over a month ago. 

Instead of talking to Michigan voters, Dixon is spending her time courting special interests through national right-wing cable hits. She continues to beg them for money so they will fund her campaign to implement a dangerous and wrong-for-Michigan agenda filled with extreme stances on banning abortion, dismantling public education, and more that would devastate Michigan’s families 

The only thing Dixon has brought people together on is truly how invisible her campaign is – rarely does a day go by where her shell of an operation and her dangerous agenda is not actively criticized by Republicans of all stripes. And don’t forget Nolan Finley’s one-man crusade at the Detroit News to get Dixon to run even something resembling a campaign. We sure hope Finley’s vocal cords don’t give out soon as a result of yelling from the rooftops about the abysmal state of Dixon’s campaign for weeks on end. 

Finley hasn’t been shy about the fact that Dixon “must kick [her] campaign into gear” and blasted the missing GOP candidate in a recent column emphasizing her poor operation. Finley let it all out, including these juicy tidbits:

  • “Defining herself before Democrats did it for her was a key challenge Dixon faced coming out of her primary win. She hasn’t met it. She’s been scarce on the campaign trail.”
  • “Going dark [for] such a long stretch while her opponent is enjoying the visibility that comes with incumbency is a big risk.”

And for another example of how far and wide the criticism is from inside the party, even former Republican gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano criticized Dixon for hiding on the campaign trail last month:                      

Finally, let’s tune in to hear what the people who matter most are thinking – Michigan voters. But oh wait… What’s that sound? Is that the noise of the same exact discontent about Dixon’s disappearing act growing in the grassroots corners of the state too? Take a look for yourself at recent comments on Dixon’s posts on Facebook:

Hmm… doesn’t seem like all is well in Dixon’s world. Honestly, if things looked this bleak, we’d probably be trying to disappear too. 

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