Throughout her flailing gubernatorial campaign, election conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon has shown Michiganders no amount of facts will satisfy her fixation on 2020. She knows stoking public distrust in our elections is the only way to drag her backwards, DeVos-backed agenda across the finish line.

During a GOP primary debate, when asked yes or no on the question of if Donald Trump won the 2020 election in Michigan, Dixon responded “yes.” And when asked during a different debate to indicate her belief not only that there was fraud, but enough to impact the outcome of the 2020 election, Dixon again reaffirmed her claims that it did. 

That’s only the tip of her 2020 denialism iceberg. 

Even before she launched a bid for governor, Dixon – who “has said repeatedly that the 2020 election was stolen” – made an online commentating career out of baselessly delegitimizing the democratic process while anchoring on Real America’s Voice, an extreme online right-wing network.

She has “claimed the election was stolen,” cried fraud and theft without evidence multiple times in the months directly following the 2020 general election, then used these sentiments to advocate for limiting absentee ballots and implementing voter ID – even though it is already state law.

And with 18 days to go until the 2022 election concludes, Dixon is using her own lies to justify “pointedly” refusing to commit to accept this November’s results and usher in “fresh post-election chaos.”

WATCH the clip here and read the key question’s transcript below:

Video transcript:

KYLE MELINN: All right. Next yes or no question starting with Miss Dixon. Yes or no, do you believe Donald Trump legitimately won the 2020 election in Michigan? 


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