DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Interfaith Council Co-Chairs Nadia Ahmad, Cindy Bass, Sarah Levin, and Johnnie Roebuck issued the following joint statement marking the start of Jewish American Heritage Month:

Jewish history is inextricably bound up in American history, and this Jewish American Heritage Month we celebrate a community that is essential to the fabric of our nation. Generations of Jewish people came to the United States fleeing oppression, discrimination, and persection, and have made an immeasurable impact throughout American life. From science and public service to literature and the arts, Jewish Americans have made invaluable contributions to our nation.

While we celebrate the achievements of Jewish Americans, we must also note that the scourge of antisemitism persists, with incidents having risen alarmingly last year. The Democratic Party is committed to fighting back against this senseless hatred and to protecting and strengthening a country where justice and equality prevail.

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