DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, Chair Rion Ramirez and Vice Chair Paulette Jordan of the DNC’s Native American Caucus released the following statement on Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day:

“Today marks another day that Native American women are paid just $0.60 for every dollar earned by a White, non-Hispanic man. While $0.40 today doesn’t buy a bus ticket, over a 40-year career it amounts to nearly $1 million in lost wages – but it also amounts to the devaluation of Native American women’s contributions to our country that no American should find acceptable.

“President Biden and Democrats believe in equal work for equal pay and have prioritized ending the gender pay gap and equalizing fair employment practices for people of all genders and backgrounds. This administration has also pushed to ensure that Native American women have representation at every table, including in the Executive Cabinet with the appointment of Secretary Deb Haaland, the first Native American interior secretary. Furthermore, the president has acknowledged in his Build Back Better agenda that to value Native American women is to value their communities and has prioritized investment in electricity, water, and transportation for tribal lands in his Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. This also means ensuring that the land policymaking process includes Native American women.

“Native American women are essential to the fabric of our country’s values and success, and the Democratic Party is committed to ensuring their contributions to our economy and our nation are met with the full value and respect they are due.”


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