DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement in response to Congress passing the Inflation Reduction Act:

What a week! Today, Democrats in Congress sent the Inflation Reduction Act to the president’s desk and delivered yet another win for the American people. We did what we always do: we stood with the American people, fighting to lower costs and address their everyday needs. Rather than join us, Republicans sided with big corporations and wealthy special interests. They turned their backs on middle-class folks.

Without a single Republican vote, Democrats in Congress took on special interests and won. They took decisive action to lower the cost of prescription drugs, lower energy costs, and lower health care costs. They voted to reduce the deficit to help fight inflation. Democrats also took aggressive action to fight the climate crisis that will create jobs and increase our energy security. Finally, they made sure large corporations and billionaire tax cheats would pay their fair share in taxes, without middle-class families paying a penny more in taxes.

While Republicans in Congress and across the country pursue an ultra-MAGA agenda at the expense of working families, Democrats keep making progress on the everyday issues that matter to American families.

The list is long: health care for veterans who served bravely, an historic economic recovery and job growth, smart investments to bring back American manufacturing and win the economic competition of the 21st century, a once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment, the first major gun safety legislation in decades, and so much more.

Democrats are getting it done. We’re continuing to deliver for the American people on a historic scale. The DNC is excited and ready to make sure every voter across the country knows it.

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