DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Senior Council Chair Steve Regenstreif issued the following statement marking the 87th anniversary of the signing of legislation that established Social Security:

Eighty-seven years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed legislation that established Social Security. In the years since, this program has kept millions of seniors, children, people with disabilities, and low-income Americans out of poverty. It is one of our nation’s greatest achievements.

The GOP’s plan to cut Social Security — which goes hand-in-hand with their proposals to cut Medicare and threaten our health care, and their opposition to lowering costs for families — is proof that every step of the way, Republicans side with the special interests and push an extreme MAGA agenda that costs the American people.

While Republicans would put Social Security on the chopping block, Democrats will always fight to protect it. We will work to improve the benefits it provides and build on the legacy of this essential government program. We know that Social Security is too important to millions of Americans to do anything else.

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