DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“Congratulations to Terry McAuliffe on his hard-won success in winning our party’s nomination to be the next governor of Virginia, to Lieutenant Governor nominee Hala Ayala, and to Attorney General Mark Herring. But most of all, congratulations to Virginia Democrats for continuing to lead the way towards a brighter future. Over the last several years in the Commonwealth, we’ve seen what happens when Democrats take charge: more people have good-paying jobs and access to affordable health care, it becomes easier — not harder — for their voices to be heard at the ballot box, and schools and homes become safer thanks to commonsense gun safety laws. And after four years of successful leadership and robust, equitable economic growth, we’re confident that another term of leadership from Governor McAullife will lead to even greater successes for working Virginians across the Commonwealth. 

Over the next several months, Virginians will have a clear choice between a candidate who will build on the groundwork laid by Governor Ralph Northam to finish recovering from the coronavirus pandemic and create a Commonwealth that works for everyone, and a Trump acolyte pushing conspiracy theories and an extreme right-wing agenda that would set back the historic progress Virginia Democrats have made. We’re confident that Virginians will come together to send Terry back to the governor’s mansion, retain control in Richmond, and keep delivering for working Virginia families.”


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