Over the weekend, the Democratic National Committee unveiled a new billboard in Times Square highlighting how President Biden has delivered on two of his key promises: administering 100 million vaccine doses ahead of schedule, and getting direct payments to working people through the American Rescue Plan.

The billboard is part of a series of billboards in battleground states making clear to voters help is here — thanks to President Biden’s leadership and the work of Democrats.

On her MSNBC show Monday night, Rachel Maddow said of the billboards: “Right now, this is up in Times Square, in the middle of New York City. A moving billboard the size of a building. It says ‘help is here, thank you Joe Biden and Democrats. Help is here, 100 million shots, 100 million checks. Help is here.’ This is running 24 hours a day in Times Square right now. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, particularly from the Democrats. Maybe this means Democrats are finally not shy anymore about stuff they get done in government. This might help people give them credit for what they do in government. It might also embarrass Republicans who try to take credit for these provisions even after voting against the COVID relief bill. We shall see.”


In the last week, the DNC has put up billboards in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, and South Carolina, deployed a website takeover in Pennsylvania, and aired a new ad in battleground states and cable television in Washington, D.C. And in the coming days, the DNC will continue deploying additional billboards as well as television and digital ads in battleground states.

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