The Republican Party’s leader has spent the last week shamelessly praising Vladimir Putin as the Russian military indiscriminately bombs Ukrainian civilians. Republicans have worked hard to avoid answering questions about Donald Trump’s praise but that simply is not a tenable position as the Ukrainian people bravely fight back against Putin’s invasion. 

While most Michigan Republicans largely remain silent, President Biden is imposing strong sanctions against Russia for their unjustified attack on Ukraine. But as long as Michigan Republicans like Congressman John Moolenar and Congresswoman Lisa McClain look to Donald Trump as their party leader, they must answer for his reckless adoration of an authoritarian.

So every Michigan Republican has to answer a few questions: 

  • Do you agree with Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin as “savvy,” a “genius,” and “smart?” 
  • Do you condemn Trump’s praise of Putin?
  • Would you still support Trump if he runs for the GOP nomination?

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