In a stunning new low, dozens of congressional Republicans who publicly opposed President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law are now asking for infrastructure money they voted AGAINST. These Republicans had the audacity to call this critical legislation a “socialist wish list,” “wasteful spending,” “phony,” and a “socialist spending spree.” Let’s be clear: If these Republicans had their way, this vital funding would not exist. Take a look at some of the Republican hypocrisy:

Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer — the man supposedly in charge of electing Republicans to the House — had the nerve to call the bill a “socialist wish list” before requesting grant funding for a highway in his district.

CNN: “Last November, GOP Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota released a statement slamming the passage of the freshly approved infrastructure law he referred to as ‘President Biden’s multi-trillion dollar socialist wish list.’ Then in June, Emmer… quietly submitted a wish of his own. In a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Emmer expressed his hearty support for a multimillion dollar grant to improve part of Highway 65 in his district.”

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is also asking for infrastructure money — but not before he opposed the legislation, saying it was “using fuzzy math and IOU’s to hide the real cost.”

CNN: “Sen. Tommy Tuberville modulating his tone from accusing the law of ‘using fuzzy math and IOU’s to hide the real cost,’ to appealing to Buttigieg because ‘as a former mayor, you understand better than anyone the time and money that goes into applying for highly competitive grants.’”

Extreme Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar called the infrastructure bill “phony” — then proceeded to send three letters requesting funding for projects in his district.

CNN: “Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, a leading Biden critic who explained his vote against what he called a ‘phony’ infrastructure bill by issuing a statement that ‘this bill only serves to advance the America Last’s socialist agenda, while completely lacking fiscal responsibility,’ wrote three separate letters between March and July advocating for projects in his district.”

Not to be outdone, Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul wrote 10 letters requesting infrastructure funding after he said the bill was “wasteful spending.”

CNN: “Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he voted against the bill because it typified ‘wasteful spending,’ which would deepen the national debt. Paul wrote 10 different letters petitioning for more of that money coming into Kentucky…”

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson called the bill a “socialist spending spree” before writing seven letters requesting grants.

CNN: “Iowa Rep. Ashley Hinson, who has already been pilloried by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for touting the $829 million, which went to locks and dams along the Upper Mississippi after saying the infrastructure law was a ‘socialist spending spree,’ has been even more active in pushing for other money. Hinson wrote seven letters to the Department of Transportation for grants which in many cases she called ‘vital’ and ‘essential’ and ‘have an impact on the day-to-day lives of every single resident in this community.’”

Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin said the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law would “drive our country into socialism” before he requested funding for a road improvement project.

CNN: “Rep. Markwayne Mullin… said last year that he voted against the infrastructure bill because he thought 90% was wasteful and ‘I will not support funding for policies that drive our country into socialism.’ In April, Mullin wrote to Buttigieg in support of a RAISE grant to improve a road in a rural area off of Highway 69, which he said would help introduce bicycle lanes, boost jobs and access to goods, and improve overall quality of life.”

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