While Republicans hobnob in Palm Beach and at Mar-a-Lago, the Democratic National Committee continued its efforts to hold them accountable for opposing the overwhelmingly popular American Rescue Plan and voting to leave families high and dry during the pandemic.

The efforts include a mobile billboard outside Mar-a-Lago and the Four Seasons hotel where the RNC retreat will be held, new digital ads targeting Republican elected officials attending the retreat, and a new digital video. These efforts are the latest tactics in the DNC’s larger campaign to tell Americans that thanks to President Biden and Democrats, and no thanks to Republicans, help is here.

“Nothing is more indicative of the sorry state the Republican Party is in than a bunch of mini-Trumps hanging out at Mar-a-Lago for their own version of the Apprentice. 

“While Republicans hobnob, President Biden and Democrats are delivering for everyday Americans, putting vaccines in arms, money in pockets, and bringing normalcy back.”-DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa

See below for key elements of this weekend’s efforts:

MAR-A-LAGO MOBILE BILLBOARD: Over the weekend, the DNC will also deploy a mobile billboard outside Mar-a-Lago and the Four Seasons hotel where the RNC retreat will be held.

The mobile billboard highlights how President Biden has delivered on his promise to provide help for the American people and blasts Republicans for opposing it.

See below for photos:

NEW DIGITAL AD: The DNC rolled out a new digital ad campaign targeting Senate Republicans for hanging their constituents out to dry by voting against the American Rescue Plan.

NEW DIGITAL VIDEO: The DNC unveiled a new digital video highlighting how the vast majority of Americans support the American Rescue Plan, and yet not a single Republican joined Democrats in passing it.


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