Elected Offices

Results from the November 2016 Elections

Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #1Gail Patterson-GladneyDNov 20182
Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #2Kurt DorohRNov 20182
Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #3Richard GodfreyRNov 20182
Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #4Richard W. FreestoneRNov 20182
Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #5Mike TothRNov 20182
Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #6Donald HansonRNov 20182
Van Buren CountyComissioner - District #7Paul SchincariolRNov 20182
Van Buren CountyClerkSuzie RoehmRNov 20204
Van Buren CountyDrain CommissionerJoe ParmanRNov 20204
Van Buren CountyProsecuting AttorneyMichael BedfordRNov 20204
Van Buren CountyRegister of DeedsPaul W. De YoungRNov 20204
Van Buren CountySheriffDaniel AbbottRNov 20204
Van Buren CountySurveyorDonald GilchristRNov 20204
Van Buren CountyTreasurerKaren MakayRNov 20204
Antwerp TownshipSupervisorDaniel RuzickRNov 20204
Antwerp TownshipClerkHeather MitchellRNov 20204
Antwerp TownshipTreasurerBonnie OsborneRNov 20204
Antwerp TownshipTrusteeBruce T. CuttingRNov 20204
Antwerp TownshipTrusteeRonald DerhammerRNov 20204
Almena TownshipSupervisorBill Van TasselRNov 20204
Almena TownshipClerkSandra RickliRNov 20204
Almena TownshipTreasurerSheri ManningRNov 20204
Almena TownshipTrusteeMark RomanRNov 20204
Almena TownshipTrusteeNathan RatzlaffRNov 20204
Almena TownshipTrusteeGeoff MoffatRNov 20204
Almena TownshipTrusteeGreg BabikRNov 20204
Arlington TownshipSupervisorJacque PhillippeR4
Arlington TownshipClerkWilliam R. PugsleyR4
Arlington TownshipTreasurerPhillip A. Pitts R4
Arlington TownshipTrusteeJeffrey MelvinD4
Arlington TownshipTrusteeDouglas W. DeLeoR4
Paw Paw TownshipSupervisorDonald StullRNov 20204
Paw Paw TownshipClerkLinda JordanRNov 20204
Paw Paw TownshipTreasurerAngela HazzardRNov 20204
Paw Paw TownshipTrusteeMatthew MillerRNov 20204
Paw Paw TownshipTrusteeFran SandersDNov 20204
Covert TownshipSupervisorDennis PalgenDNov 20204
Covert TownshipClerkDaywi CookDNov 20204
Covert TownshipTreasurerMarilyn RendellDNov 20204
Covert TownshipTrusteeKenneth HarringtonDNov 20204
Covert TownshipTrusteeLonzey TaylorDNov 20204
Bangor TownshipSupervisorMike SullinsRNov 20204
Bangor TownshipClerkLinda PolandRNov 20204
Bangor TownshipTreasurerSandra KarrRNov 20204
Bangor TownshipTrusteeJames KarrRNov 20204
Bangor TownshipTrusteeDavid E. HoudekRNov 20204
Bloomingdale TownshipSupervisorRichard StoneRNov 20204
Bloomingdale TownshipClerkLinda StangeRNov 20204
Bloomingdale TownshipTreasurerGerald SommerfeldRNov 20204
Bloomingdale TownshipTrusteeWilliam CainRNov 20204
Bloomingdale TownshipTrusteeBernie MillerRNov 20204
Columbia TownshipSupervisorDean Beckwith4
Columbia TownshipClerkStacey CorkeR4
Columbia TownshipTreasurerKaren GrussR4
Columbia TownshipTrusteeJohn HuizengaR4
Columbia TownshipTrusteeKathy CurtisR4
City of BangorMayorNick HouseholderNPMay 20193
City of BangorCouncil MemberLynne M. FarmerNPMay 20193
City of BangorCouncil MemberFred HicksNPMay 20183
City of BangorCouncil MemberGeno AlemanNPMay 20173
City of BangorCouncil MemberHarold BatorNPMay 20173
City of BangorCouncil MemberDan FryNPMay 20173
City of BangorCouncil MemberSteve LowderNPMay 20183
City of South HavenMayorRobert BurrNPNov 20172
City of South HavenCouncil Member - Ward 1Vicki Kozlik WallNPNov 20174
City of South HavenCouncil Member - Ward 1Scott SmithNPNov 20194
City of South HavenCouncil Member - Ward 2Clark GruberNPNov 20194
City of South HavenCouncil Member - Ward 2Jeff ArnoldNPNov 20174
City of South HavenCouncil Member - Ward 3Andy KlavinsNPNov 20174
City of South HavenCouncil Member - Ward 3Steve SchlackNPNov 20194
City of HartfordMayorTheodore JohnsonNPNov 20172
City of HartfordCommissionerJohn MillerNPNov 20182
City of HartfordCommissionerRon BurlesonNPNov 20182
City of HartfordCommissionerFrank DockterNPNov 20182
City of HartfordCommissionerRick HallNPNov 20172
City of HartfordCommissionerTerry TibbsNPNov 20172
City of HartfordCommissionerDennis GossNPNov 20172
Decatur TownshipSupervisorKevin KusmackRNov 20204
Decatur TownshipClerkJanet AbshagenDNov 20204
Decatur TownshipTreasurerJames W. AbshagenRNov 20204
Decatur TownshipTrusteeKatelin MakayRNov 20204
Decatur TownshipTrusteePaul MakayRNov 20204