Endorsement Reversal, Open Admissions of Fundraising Troubles, and Major Missed Deadlines: Craig Campaign Continues to Implode 

MIGOP insider favorite and chief “neophyte” James Craig continues to run a chaotic, irresponsible campaign that just can’t seem to get its bearings with nine other opponents and just over three months to go until the August gubernatorial primary.

The past fews days alone have been marked with a stripped endorsement, ballot petition signature petition failures, and extensive fundraising issues.

U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman Revoked His Endorsement of Craig

Yesterday, U.S. Representative Jack Bergman publicly withdrew his support for Craig’s campaign due to an approach “that continues to neglect our grassroots across the First District and has ignored campaigning in northern Michigan and the U.P.”

With Rep. Bergman’s withdrawal, the Detroit Dodger no longer has any congressional endorsements and retains just three from Republicans in the state legislature.

Craig’s Campaign Missed the Opportunity to Submit 5,000 Additional Signatures to Qualify for the Ballot

Yesterday, it was reported that a representative of Craig’s campaign “attempted to turn in 4,000-5,000 additional signatures with the Bureau of Elections” last Tuesday, but showed up 20 minutes past the deadline to do so. 

Craig Openly Admitted That He Didn’t Have the Funds to Expand His Name ID

During an appearance on MIRS Monday, the retiree was asked when Michiganders all over the state could expect to see him on the air to which he responded, “I have actually been all over the state even though not physically there.”

When reporter Kyle Melinn clarified that he was specifically referring to paid advertising on TV, Craig plainy admitted he “do[es] not have the bank for that” and argued his name ID would be enough to coast on even in a crowded field.

News Broke That His Super PAC Hasn’t Raised Anything Since Being Set Up Nine Months Ago

Additionally, MIRS reported yesterday that “We Need the Chief,” a pro-Craig Super PAC set up by MIGOP insider John Engler hasn’t raised a single dollar since it was established last August and is also in debt. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Stop us if you’ve seen this one before: It’s yet another bad week for James Craig. Yet despite the Chief Neophyte’s gross campaign incompetence that prevented him from maximizing his chances of making the ballot, the Michigan Republican leaders fleeing his campaign like it’s a carjacking, and his extensive and ongoing fundraising woes, Craig is still somehow the MIGOP insider favorite. If he has failed multiple opportunities to get his relatively small campaign operation in order, how can Michiganders trust him with the responsibility of leading our state?”

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