63rd Michigan House District candidate says abortion and gay marriage are “outside of the Christian moral order” in interview

LANSING – A vote to ban birth control in the Michigan Legislature would have the support of a Republican running for the 63rd House District. 

Republican Jacky Eubanks, who is running for the seat that includes northeastern Macomb and southern St. Clair counties, told the host of the Church Militant Media program that birth control should not be legal.

“I guess we have to ask ourselves, would that ever come to a vote in the Michigan state Legislature and if it should, I would have to side with, ‘It should not be legal,’” Eubanks said. “I think that people believe that birth control is better … because you won’t get pregnant and you won’t need to have an abortion, but I think it gives people the false sense of security that they can have consequence-free sex. And that’s not true and it’s not correct.”

In the weeks since the release of a draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court that spelled out an argument for overturning Roe v. Wade, it’s evident that Republicans are now coming for birth control. 

“Republicans talk a lot about personal freedom and privacy, but it’s clear those rights do not include women,” said Lavora Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “Jacky Eubanks is likely among the first in the GOP to say the quiet part out loud. If women in Michigan are to keep their reproductive freedom, voters – men and women – must cast ballots against GOP candidates.


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