Craig, Rinke, Soldano, and Dixon support plan that threatened public education

Several of the Republican candidates vying for governor in a messy and crowded field of 12 have thrown their support behind a “unsustainable” and “short-sighted” tax plan spearheaded by Republican legislators. Once again pushing their wrong-for-Michigan agenda, the plan would have forced billions in cuts statewide, severely reducing critical public education funding that benefits students, parents, and educators.

Here’s the facts:

Backing this up, the Michigan Education Association reduced this failed Republican idea to an “election-year stunt” and warned that it irresponsibly would result in “drastic budget shortfalls for students and educators.” Similarly, Governor Whitmer pointed out that it would create a “recurring, multibillion-dollar hole in basic state government functions” that directly impacts “our children’s ability to catch up in school.”

Nevertheless, candidates touted the bill and have continued to push for ripping public education to the studs by implementing DeVos-style school voucher agendas:

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Michiganders can expect James Craig, Kevin Rinke, Tudor Dixon, and Garrett Soldano to press forward on their disastrous crusade to dismantle public education regardless of the fact that it would harm students, parents, and educators. Working families deserve leadership that is focused on results, which is why Governor Whitmer continues to work with anyone to secure the critical investments that keep our public schools open and funded.”

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