FACT CHECK: New MAGA Inc. Ad Attempts to Distract From Tudor Dixon’s Agenda to Slash Billions From Law Enforcement Budgets

In a show of how desperate special interests and outside groups are to drag Tudor Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda across the finish line by any means necessary, MAGA Inc.is up on the air  to distract from Dixon’s disastrous plan for law enforcement and the communities they protect.

It’s no surprise Dixon would embrace an extra boost from the extremists that incited the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol resulting in the violent insurrection that killed five and injured 140 officers

To date, outside groups and opponents have put more than $20 million towards pushing bogus attacks against Governor Whitmer this cycle. Here are the facts:

FBI Data Shows Violent Crime Decreased Across Michigan’s Largest Cities 

Violent crime rates are either flat or down in several of Michigan’s largest cities in 2022 according to the latest FBI data. In Detroit alone, “the number of violent crimes…dropped 16.5% in this year’s second quarter compared with the same time a year ago.” Statewide, the murder rate has also decreased compared to 2020-2021.

In keeping with that trend, robberies and property crimes have also fallen significantly during Governor Whitmer’s first term. From 2017-2021:

  • Robberies are down 38.1%
  • Larcenies are down 25.2%
  • Burglaries are down 40.7%
  • Property crimes are down 24.3%

Over Her First Term, Governor Whitmer Secured Major Funding Increases For State And Local Law Enforcement

Governor Whitmer has actually been ensuring local law enforcement has the resources they need to maintain safe communities. Since taking office, she has “committed an additional $1 billion to law enforcement” over her four bipartisan balanced budgets.

In the newest budget, touted by Republican legislators, Whitmer is delivering funding to recruit more law enforcement officers and expand training, and she secured $100 million to protect the retirement of Michigan State Troopers. In the 2022 bipartisan budget alone, Governor Whitmer secured:

  • $30 million for police recruitment and training
  • Over $9 million for 130 new State Police troopers
  • $3 million for de-escalation training for State Police
  • $3.5 million for retail crime unit helping protect Michigan businesses
  • $1.1 million for expanded efforts to fight cyber crime
  • Nearly $1 million to fund “Secure Cities” partnerships between Michigan State Police and local law enforcement agencies

Earlier this year, Governor Whitmer launched an all-hands-on-deck initiative, Operation Safe Neighborhoods, to curb gun violence and get illegal guns off the street. In the first few weeks alone, law enforcement agencies seized 25 illegal guns. 

In 2021, she signed a bipartisan budget that included an 8 percent funding increase for Michigan State Police including millions for body cameras and a professional development bureau focused on de-escalation training and mental health. This built on the nearly $100 million Governor Whitmer has increased State Police funding by since taking office, signing two budgets that provided over $820 million in funding for the Department Of State Police. 

Additionally, after billions in cuts by past governors, Whitmer boosted revenue-sharing programs to $1.36 billion, benefitting local law enforcement. 

Governor Whitmer Has Had the Backs of Those Serving in Law Enforcement

Due to her strong leadership that has increased law enforcement funding, emphasized the importance of recruiting and training, promoted public safety, and kept our streets safe, the Michigan Association of Police Organization recently endorsed Governor Whitmer for a second term. MAPO represents “more than 10,000 law enforcement employees” and was joined in its support of the governor by Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants and the National Troopers Coalition.

Tudor Dixon’s Budget Plan Would Slash Billions From Michigan Law Enforcement, Public Education, and Infrastructure

A major pillar of Tudor Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda is a “piss-poor public policy proposal” that would “primarily benefit the wealthy,” “be catastrophic for funding,” and force billions in cuts statewide to several services critical to working families, such as public education, law enforcement, and infrastructure. 

It is estimated to eliminate nearly $12 billion from the budget and $8 billion from the general fund, threatening the “primary funding source” providing over 60% of Michigan State Police budget and threatening thousands of law enforcement jobs. 

The Michigan Association of Police Organizations warned in 2017 that plans like these “would have a devastating impact on police budgets at the state and local levels” and leave law enforcement “crippled.” Earlier this year, MAPO reiterated their opposition to a similar plan, noting that it “would reduce police protection and create ‘long-term budget problems.’”

Dixon’s backwards budget plan would also cut $600 million from Michigan and Comprehensive Transportation funds which provide funding for state and local roads, directly threatening matching federal dollars which would undercut the state’s ability to keep making crucial repairs to roads and bridges. 

Dixon has said she “absolutely” supported “phas[ing] out” funding streams for critical services as quickly as possible. She has yet to identify how or if she would replace the law enforcement funding eliminated by this “dramatic shift in state government operations.” Dixon has also still “has not provided specifics” of how she plans to rip billions out of Michigan’s budget, fully fund law enforcement, and build on Governor Whitmer’s gains in improving our roads and bridges at the same time.

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