Today “prolific junk faxer” Perry Johnson launched yet another misleading attack ad against Governor Whitmer, this time in an attempt to distract from her work to cut costs for Michigan families. More than $5 million has been spent leveling false attacks on Whitmer’s leadership since the start of the 2022 cycle, nearly half of which has come from the odd-quality guru. 

Johnson has already conceded that claims made in his previous ads were “a bit much” and has gotten caught trying to pass off stock footage from Russia and West Virginia to paint Michigan in a distorted negative light. This new 30-second spot relies on the same deceptive playbook. The odd-quality guru exploits gas prices to blatantly mischaracterize how Governor Whitmer has worked to get relief at the pump. Here’s the truth:

Governor Whitmer Supports Both Federal and State Gas Tax Suspensions

Johnson opens his ad by laying blame for gas prices at Governor Whitmer’s feet, but just like his outlandish claim that he’s responsible for creating every job in the auto industry, it’s severely misguided.

In reality and throughout March, Governor Whitmer advocated for suspending federal and state taxes on gas. Referring to it as a “fiscally-responsible action we can take that will provide drivers relief at the pump right now,” she called on Congress to lift the 18-cent federal gas tax. Whitmer has done the same locally, urging the Republican-led legislature to suspend the 6% sales tax on fuel. 

Governor Whitmer Has Pushed for Several Proposals That Would Cut Taxes and Reduce Costs for Working Families

To put money back in the pockets of Michigan families, Governor Whitmer worked across the aisle to ink an “historic” bipartisan deal that has already begun sending $400 refund checks for every auto-insured vehicle in the state – a huge cost-saving reform that even top Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said “couldn’t have gotten done without her.” 

And in February, she signed “a trio of bipartisan bills aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs,” adding to her proposal made in the beginning of the year to cap the monthly cost of insulin at $50 so Michiganders don’t have to choose between their health and keeping food on the table. 

With Michigan seniors in mind, Governor Whitmer called on the legislature to fully repeal the pension tax which would save half a million households an average of $1,000 annually. Separately, Whitmer has also proposed more than tripling the Earned Income Tax Credit from 6% to 20%.

In December 2021, Governor Whitmer signed legislation allowing small business owners to pay income taxes at the business rather than individual level – a massive reform that will equal an estimated $200 million in annual tax savings for hundreds of thousands of eligible businesses. In another move to keep building gains for Michigan’s robust economic recovery, she also signed an economic package that included a $75 million tax cut for businesses.

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