This week, Republican gubernatorial candidates will travel to Mackinac Island for the annual Mackinac Policy Conference. . 

For months, Tudor Dixon, Kevin Rinke, Garrett Soldano, and Ralph Rebant have pushed their dangerous agendas to eliminate the reproductive choices of women and families, decimate public education that prepares future generations of our workforce, and severely undercut the critical services local communities need to ensure public health and safety.

Here are five questions candidates should answer this week:

  • When are they going to disclose their personal finances and tax returns?
  • Exactly which services do they plan to cut in order to fund their backwards tax plans?
  • Are there any common sense gun violence prevention measures they would support as governor?
  • How will they continue to build on Governor Whitmer’s massive strides to fix our roads and bridges?
  • Would they place new restrictions on abortion if Governor Whitmer’s lawsuit to overturn Michigan’s 1931 ban is successful? If so, what restrictions would they look to enact?

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