A week ago, Governor Whitmer released her full $74.1 billion budget proposal for Michigan’s 2023 fiscal year – a strong display of the leadership our working families need to keep Michigan moving forward. 

The comprehensive set of recommendations prioritizes several issues of importance for Michiganders, including expanding our economy, attracting good-paying jobs to the state, making public education more equitable, and making continued critical repairs and improvements to our roads and bridges. 

Meanwhile, none of the 13 Republicans running for governor in a crowded and messy primary have provided any detail on what they would do to keep working families first, using their months on the trail to instead relitigate the 2020 election, push extreme anti-choice views that harm victims of sexual assualt, and root against Michigan’s auto industry.

This raises the following questions for the all candidates to answer immediately:

  • Do they support Governor Whitmer’s proposed repeal of the retirement tax that could cut costs for half a million households in Michigan?
  • What are their plans to fix the damn roads and repair and replace bridges across the state?
  • How do they intend to attract businesses and secure deals similar to GM’s historic $7 billion dollar investment in restoring Michigan as the center of the auto industry?
  • Do they support the governor’s plan to make historic investments in schools and recruit and retain the best teachers to our classrooms?
  • Do they support Governor Whitmer’s plan to hire more local police officers and state troopers?

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