Yesterday, Dixon was exposed for her lengthy tirade claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd protests were orchestrated by the Democratic Party to “topple” the country “as retaliation for losing the Civil War” and alleging the party was seeking to “gladly own” and “enslave people ‘again.’

Dixon’s time as a host on extreme and Steve Bannon-headlining media outlet Real America’s Voice served as a breeding ground “to sow divisions” and “make insensitive comments.” From June 2019 to May 2021, Dixon used her show to say blackface was “funny,” call hijabs “oppressive”, and spread unhinged conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and COVID-19 pandemic. 

And in another damning example of the racism demonstrated on her show, Dixon made an attempt at imitating the voice of Mrs. Buttersworth, a consumer character retired by Conagra Brands after it came under scrutiny for playing into the anti-Black “mammy” stereotype.

These deeply concerning accounts of her endless reliance on racist, unhinged, and conspiracy-laden comments to boost her profile and craft her wrong-for-Michigan agenda raise the following questions Tudor Dixon should answer immediately.

  • Do you still believe the Democratic Party is engaged in a “decades-long plan” to “topple the United States as retaliation for losing the Civil War” and promote “white guilt” so that it could implement slavery “again”?
  • Do you still believe President Obama and the First Lady fed people “white guilt” so they can assume power and “gladly own” and enslave people of all colors “again?”
  • What do you think is the “true” and “accurate” history that should be taught in public schools?
  • Do you believe your comments are representative of the “true” and “accurate” history that children should be learning in schools?
  • Why do you think it’s important for people to hear this theory of the Democratic Party engaging in a “decades-long plan” to overturn society?

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