The alleged involvement of presumptive Republican attorney general nominee and Tudor Dixon-endorsed Matt DePerno as “prime instigato[r]” in a “‘conspiracy’ to gain improper access to voting machines” continues to unfold. According to recent reports, DePerno’s crusade to relitigate past elections compelled him and eight others, including a sitting sheriff and state representative, to seize, dismantle, and access “the digital data of several voting machines” – a wide scale operation that spanned several townships and Roscommon county.

News of this “unlawful investigation” and the potential criminal charges that could stem from it is coming to light only weeks after Tudor Dixon endorsed his campaign for attorney general, raising the following questions for the equally rabid election conspiracy theorist: 

  • What does Tudor Dixon think of Matt DePerno’s involvement in this “conspiracy”?
  • Does she stand by her endorsement after these revelations? 
  • Will she continue to support him for Attorney General if he is convicted?
  • Does she believe these self-styled “investigations” into the 2020 election –  despite the fact that over 250 audits confirmed the election was secure – are appropriate?

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