LANSING — New reporting details that Logan Barnhart became the 12th Michigander to be arrested for his involvement in the violence that took place on the U.S. Capitol grounds that killed five and injured 140 officers on January 6th. A target of the FBI for horrifically brutalizing police, Barnhart’s actions apparently weren’t vicious enough to earn condemnation from any of the Republican candidates running for governor — not even retired police chief James Craig.

According to HuffPost, Barnhardt “was photographed dragging a police officer down a set of stairs” where members of a waiting crowd “used an American flag on a pole to beat him.” The officer in question, identified only as ‘B.M.’ in the FBI’s report, “recalled being struck in the helmet multiple times with objects,” including a baton that was stripped from his person.

With these charges, Barnhart joins an alarmingly increasing contingency of Michigan insurrectionists including Michael Foy who faces “eight charges connected to…str[iking] Capitol Police at least 10 times with a hockey stick wrapped in a President Donald Trump flag” while embedded in a group breaching the doors.

“Republicans running for governor in Michigan just can’t seem to ‘Back the Blue’ when it also means acknowledging just how dangerous extremist views of the 2020 election have become as this purity test to appeal to the base gets more bloody by the day,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “The sustained silence from James Craig is jarring while he claims to ‘lead from the front’ in supporting law enforcement. As someone who should know firsthand what officers endure when they arrive at a scene this violent, how many tales of the brutality they endured on the Capitol grounds will it take for him to finally speak up?”

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