Lansing – Once again, GOP Senator Ruth Johnson is wasting taxpayer dollars by holding an elections committee hearing on a series of voter suppression bills that have already passed through the legislature and been vetoed by the Governor.  

Senator Johnson believes she is pulling one over on Michigan voters, leading us to believe that this is different legislation than what has already moved through the entire legislative process.

Johnson continues to push for passage of the Republican voter suppression bills that she and her GOP colleagues developed with the intent of making it harder to access the polls and harder to vote. At a time when the voice of voters is more important than ever, we have GOP lawmakers attempting every trick in the book to simply stop us from voting. 

“Ruth Johnson is just keeping the ‘Big Lie’ alive while wasting taxpayer dollars and time with frivolous bills because she is clearly worried that if people have easy access to voting, Democrats will win and Republicans will lose,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

Instead of wasting everyone’s time, the GOP led legislature could actually do some work that would help Michiganders like finally distributing all the COVID relief dollars and implementing smart gun control measures to protect children.


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