LANSING — Governor Whitmer once again ensured that Michiganders can continue to exercise their freedom to participate in democracy. Last night, during her remarks at the Detroit NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner, she vetoed several anti-voter bills put forth by legislative Republicans to dismantle the democratic process, weaken voting rights, and suppress the vote. 

By employing a strategy of disinformation, voter intimidation, and even at times violence, Republicans have propped up the repeatedly unsubstantiated claim of “election fraud.” Nearly a year out from the 2020 general election, it has become the foundation of the MIGOP.

All 12 candidates seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination have either perpetuated the unsubstantiated claims that Trump had a second term stolen from him, have pledged to pursue yet another audit of Michigan’s general election, or have thrown their support behind any legislation that will make it harder for all Michiganders to vote. 

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement: 

“The Michigan Republican playbook has remained the same since 2020, which is why we can expect them to continue attempting to suppress the vote by any means necessary. These bills are just the latest chapter in their saga to use the public trust they’ve eroded in the democratic process to put forth legislation that would undermine it even further. Luckily for Michiganders, Governor Whitmer has no problem repeatedly being the last line of defense if it means the freedom to vote stays preserved.”

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