Governor Whitmer has spent the week rolling out the major components of her proposed Michigan budget for 2023 – a strong display of the competent and principled leadership our working families and economy need to keep Michigan moving forward. 

These proposals come in sharp contrast to the complete lack of solutions and extreme agendas offered by all 13 of the Republicans currently running for governor:

Despite the fact that many of the Republican gubernatorial candidates have been campaigning for months now, none have managed to offer concrete solutions to address any issues of importance for Michiganders, including expanding our economy, attracting good-paying jobs to the state, making public education more equitable, or making continued critical repairs and improvements to our roads and bridges. 

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“We’re not sure if contrast is the right word when Michiganders are at the point left to choose between Governor Whitmer’s sustained, competent leadership and an entire Republican gubernatorial slate that features more candidates than answers for what they plan to do to keep working families first. This budget is a clear display of Whitmer’s continued commitment to fixing our damn roads, attracting good-paying jobs to Michigan and honoring frontline workers for bringing us through this pandemic.”

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