Last week’s installment of ‘Let it Rip’ featured a bizarre joint interview with James Craig and Perry Johnson, both of which are still licking their wounds from failing to clear the most basic bars of a statewide campaign: appearing on the ballot. 

A thorough investigation conducted by the Michigan Board of Elections concluded that the two former frontrunners, along with three other candidates, submitted tens of thousands of fraudulent signatures sourced through forgery and the exploitation of dead voters.

The massive election fraud scandal threw an already chaotic and still crowded race even further into the deep end and demonstrates that the race will remain volatile with just 7 full weeks left before the August primary.

WATCH the full segment here and read key excerpts below:

James Craig, Who Has Been Incapable of Owning Personal Responsibility Throughout His Bumbling Campaign, Baslessly Claimed He Was “Robbed” Before Abruptly Announcing A Far-Fetched Write-In Campaign

JAMES CRAIG: Let me just say this. I’m not giving up. They have robbed me. They have robbed Perry. And guess what? Write-in. There’s so many people that have reached out to my campaign and said, “Chief, you’re a fighter, don’t give up, continue to fight. We need you to do what you’re doing.” And guess what? I’m going to.

Fellow Sore Loser Perry Johnson Was Quick to Throw Cold Water on Craig’s Last Ditch Effort While Also Arguing That a Federal Court Should Halt Ballot-Printing Just For Him

ROOP RAJ (Host, Let it Rip): Can the next Governor of the State of Michigan be someone who’s a write-in candidate, Perry?

PERRY JOHNSON: I think it’s very difficult. Practically speaking, people have a hard time remembering the name. You’d take a look, although it happened in the city, it’s a much smaller universe. We have roughly nine and a half, 10 million people in the state. So that’s a lot of people to cover and it makes it very, very difficult. I think you have to get on the ballot. That’s why I filed in the court…federal court. […] The only issue we have is that they want to start printing the ballots tomorrow. And we asked for a stay. So I’m hoping the judge grants that stay because you got the hearing before they said there’s not enough paper to print another set of ballots. So they would come back and say yes, you should be on the ballot. But we don’t have any paper for you.

The Sub-Quality ‘Guru’ Estimated Craig Would Need $22 Million to Wage Even a Passable Write-In

CHARLIE LANGTON (Co-Host, Let it Rip): Let me ask Perry Johnson though. You’re gonna fight in federal court. But if you lose, will you join the chief? Maybe even be his running mate? Will you endorse the chief?

JOHNSON: The reality of the matter is as a practical matter, I’m a statistician and I have to tell you that I look at the facts. Winning as a write-in…I know chief is optimistic. When you take and analyze what needs to be done It would cost I estimated approximately $22 million in order to accomplish this. And that’s to put us in a position where we are at a severe disadvantage going into all the people that are on the ballot. 

Craig Reminisced on His Former Frontrunner Status and Got Pressed on His Baseless Conspiracy Theory That His Removal From the Ballot Was a Coordinated Effort

CRAIG: I’m not buying it. Let me just say this. I have been the candidate, double digit, have led the GOP. In fact, you know, like, I know, I was in a dead heat with the incumbent governor, and with independents. I was ahead. So let me just say this. I’m a cop, been a cop all my life. Perry and I, we were hoodwinked. Let me just say this. 


CHARLIE LANGTON: I listen, I understand the hoodwinked stuff. I understand you should be on the ballot. But do you think that this was some kind of a Democratic plot to get the two of you off the ballot? 

CRAIG: Come on, Charlie. Let me just say what I think as a cop. I’ve been a cop all my life, I don’t think it’s just Democrat. Let me just say this, and I’ll put this out. One of my Republican opponents, she filed the first attack. So in the reason why she filed the attack, she was getting 2-3% of the vote. I was in the 30-34th percentile. So it wasn’t just Democrats. It was a Republican candidate, who now they’re trying to tout as the person that can run against Gretchen Whitmer. Let me just say this to you. I was the candidate. I can win as governor of the state of Michigan, not her.

Craig Vowed to “Get to the Bottom” of the John Yob Onion, Then Got in a Heated Exchange With Both Hosts

RAJ: Let’s talk about a guy named John Yob. Who’s the elephant in the room right now-


CRAIG: You jump ship with Perry, right. But here’s what I know. And I’m not gonna speak for Perry. John Yob. When I talked about the petitions, no worries. Let me tell you something. I’m gonna get to the bottom of this. And when I peel back the onions because I’m a cop, 44 years. I’m going to expose him. Because both Perry and I have the same issue. How in the heck does Perry have the same dirty petitioners working for both of us? There’s a common denominator. Look, I’m a cop and I’ve seen–

LANGTON: Chief, wait, wait.

CRAIG: Wait a minute. Don’t– Don’t interrupt me. Wait, wait, wait.

RAJ: He’s saying do you think– Is John Yob a crook?

CRAIG: I’m not gonna say He’s a crook. […] Here’s what I’m gonna say to you, Charlie. There’s a common denominator. How does the same people doing Perry’s petitioners, James Craig’s petitions? Oh, my God, well–

Craig Begged Johnson to Join Him, Then Applauded Johnson Making it Clear He Wants No Parts of His Already Flailing Mess of a Write-In

RAJ: I’m gonna ask you a question that Charlie alluded to at the beginning here. If you use James Craig’s name on a ride, and then he asked you to join him on his ticket, would you consider saying yes. Would you be his Lieutenant Governor, would you consider it? Would you consider it Perry? [To Craig, who begins to interject] Let Perry answer.

JOHNSON: The reality of the matter is, I’m not interested in being lieutenant governor. I ran for governor.

CRAIG: My man. I love that he and I are the same kind of guy.

Craig Called Out Tudor Dixon by Name, For Using Her PAC to Challenge His Fraudulent Nominating Petitions

CRAIG: I agree with Perry. But let me just say this. I am the candidate that can unseat Gretchen Whitmer. This is why I was targeted not just by the Democrat party. Let’s not forget that one of my opponents, she filed the first attack.

RAJ: You’re talking about Tudor Dixon. 

CRAIG: Tudor Dixon.

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