As Donald Trump ignores COVID restrictions, hosts superspreader events, and attacks Dr. Fauci, Michigan doctors called for an end to Trump’s misleading Fauci ad, calling it a “dangerous, reckless threat to public health.”

Detroit Free Press: Michigan physicians ask TV stations to pull Trump ad, calling it a danger
By Clara Hendrickson

Key Points:

  • “We believe this ad is a dangerous, reckless threat to public health that will lead to more infections and fatalities,” reads a letter signed by 49 Michigan physicians who are members of the Committee to Protect Medicare, a health care advocacy organization that launched its own ad campaign this summer to support Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, reports NBC News. Trump’s campaign ad is appearing on TV stations in Grand Rapids and Detroit, according to the letter signed by the Michigan physicians.
  • The physicians argue that the ad poses a threat to public health because it makes it seem like the pandemic is over and encourages noncompliance with measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The ad claims that “President Trump is recovering from the coronavirus, and so is America.” It ends by telling viewers, “We’ll live carefully, but not afraid.”
  • Trump’s response to the coronavirus has inspired some prominent medical experts to make an unusual foray into politics. Just last week, the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine spoke out against the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in an editorial signed by 34 editors, breaking the journal’s 208-year tradition of staying clear of partisan matters.

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